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1. Question: I have roaches in my home. I have tried using bug bombs and they don’t seem to be working. What else can I do?

  Answer: Cockroaches can be very difficult to control because so many things can contribute to their survival such as food, water and shelter. Aerosol bombs are not very effective in controlling roaches. However, proper placement of materials is the key to success. Kast Pest Control service professionals can assist in controlling cockroaches as well as other pests.

2. Question : We have a very bad bug problem in our home. Can I get something to spray that is child/pet friendly that is effective enough to get rid of the bugs?

Answer: In order to control insects you must first eliminate their food sources, nesting areas, entry areas, etc. Kast Pest Control uses an IPM ( INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT) approach. This approach not only identifies the pests, but also the true cause of the problem. We will then treat in the most environmentally responsible way to alleviate current issues and help prevent any future recurrence.

3. Question: What is the difference between water bugs, and roaches?

Answer: A pest that is called a water bug is in fact an Oriental Cockroach. It is a very common species of roach we encounter and can control for you.

4. Question: When I spray for ants, they just move to another area of my house. Can you help me?

Answer: Absolutely. Our highly trained technicians will identify the problem, treat your home and maintain your property on a regular basis to keep pests from returning.

5. Question: I have a mouse problem in my home. Will the material you use harm my cats if they catch a mouse that has eaten your bait? 

Answer: This is called secondary poisoning ( mouse eats bait and cat eats mouse). The material we use at Kast Pest Control does not cause a secondary poisoning.


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